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Case Studies Archive

Access to Energy

We all need to take action to cut our use of energy and not all of these changes need to be expensive. Making small changes can have a range of significant benefits from ongoing reduction in bills to knock on improvements in health.

Better Bankside - Bikes For Business

As part of the EU funded Optimum2 project, businesses in the Better Bankside Business Improvement District of London were provided with a bike pool free of charge for six months.

Camberwell Survey and Map

The Camberwell Shoppers' Survey was commissioned by Camberwell Neighbourhood Renewal and Southwark Council to find out about the habits and motivations of the shoppers of Camberwell Green, South London.

Camden Large Scale CHP Pilot Site Identification

Carbon Descent has been commissioned by LB Camden to assist with the identification of a pilot site for a large scale CHP installation.

City of York Carbon Reduction Analysis

Carbon Descent has been commissioned to develop a comprehensive carbon emissions baseline, data hub and various carbon modelling works for the City of York.

Climate Change Walks

As part of London Sustainability Week 2007, Carbon Descent organised a series of free walks on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust.

Connecting the Elephant

In consultation with the community, Southwark Council created a masterplan for the large scale regeneration of the area which will involve demolition and rebuilding of homes, shops and roads.

DECC Non Domestic Carbon Abatement Project using Blueprint

In 2015 DECC commissioned a major data gathering project to assess the energy efficiency and carbon abatement potential of the Non-Domestic building sector in the UK. This involved a mix of energy audits and phone surveys. Verco were selected as lead consultants and together DECC and Verco decided to commission a bespoke version of BluePrint with which to conduct the 300 energy audits.

ECHO Action

Energy Conscious Households in Action (ECHO Action) was a European Union project aiming to reduce participating households' carbon emissions by 10 to 20% until 2009 through behavioural change.

EcoStiler Solar Schools

The EU project Ecostiler deals with inefficiencies in building constructions by retrofitting and installing on-site energy generation on a range of properties in Europe

EDF Urban Wind Study

With funding from EDF Carbon Descent undertook a study to research the feasibility of the use of wind power systems in an urban area such as the London Borough of Southwark.

Energy Saving Trust & DeCReASE South East Region Carbon Reduction Gap & Carbon Scenario Analysis

Carbon Descent has been commissioned by the DeCReASE partnership to determine the impact of the Low Carbon Transition Plan together with regional and local carbon reduction policies and programmes on the carbon emissions of the South East region.

Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre

The Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre worked with Carbon Descent for five years to provide local free impartial Government funded advice on saving energy in your home. We advised households in London on saving energy and reduce carbon emissions in their homes and while travelling.

European Commission Concerto Funded Ecostiler

The project's goal is to reduce the buildings' carbon footprints, fight fuel-poverty and raise awareness to climate change.

Friends Earth Pathways to 40%

Carbon Descent was commissioned by Friends of the Earth to deliver evidence-based scenarios for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 40% (relative to 2006 emissions) by 2020.

Goodrich School Solar Feasibility and Installation

Whilst the Goodrich Community Primary School pupils from East Dulwich were away on half-term, 24 brand new solar panels were installed on the south-facing roof of the main building.

Green Blue

Carbon Descent was commissioned to assess the state of alternative fuels and engine technologies in the boating sector.

Greener Food

With funding by the London Development Agency, Greener Food offered free advice and support for hospitality businesses (restaurants, hotels, pubs, takeaways, cafes and community centres) across London.

Greenwich Eco House

The London Borough of Greenwich Council initiated an ambitious project to redevelop a void council dwelling typical of the older, inefficient properties in the borough to achieve the optimum rating under the EcoHomes scheme.

Havering Energy Awareness

Carbon Descent were asked to work with the employees of the Streetcare and Parks Departments with a view to improving employee awareness about climate change.

Islington Carbon Management Plan

In 2007 Carbon Descent was commissioned to update the 2005 Carbon Management Plan in line with the new baseline and the new target of 15%.

Islington CHP

The London Borough of Islington asked Carbon Descent to undertake a preliminary assessment of the potential for CHP at three sites within the borough.

Kentish Town City Farm

In 2005 we secured funding of nearly £20,000 from EDF’s Green Fund and Clear Skies to install 8.1m2 of roof integrated solar thermal panel on Kentish Town City Farm.

Kirklees Warm Zone - Final Report

Kirklees Warm Zone is a Kirklees Council initiative which won the Ashden Award for the best local authority sustainable energy scheme in the UK.

Lambeth Get Stockwell Cycling

Following on from a series of successful Bike Doctor sessions, Carbon Descent and The Stockwell Partnership initiated a project that built upon this theme. Carbon Descent structured a local area initiative around cycling promotion and vocational skills training. The aim of the project was to encourage local people, particularly those groups traditionally under represented on bikes such as women and ethnic minorities, to start cycling.

Lept Pct Workshops

Carbon Descent facilitated two Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) workshops for LEPTmembers, funded through the Partner Initiatives for the development of Mobility Management Services (PIMMS) TRANSFER project.

Local Travel Planning Groups

In 2007 Carbon Descent assisted Southwark Council in setting up Local Travel Planning Groups (LTPG) in the area of Camberwell and in the Better Bankside Business Improvement District.

London Borough Camden Schools Audits

The London Borough of Camden commissioned Carbon Descent to carry out energy and water audits of 49 of its primary schools, nurseries and children's centres to improve their environmental performances.

London Carbon Scenarios

In February 2006, Carbon Descent delivered a report for the London Energy Partnership assessing how London could meet its carbon reduction targets for 2026.

London Wind And Biomass Study

A project in partnership with TNEI, a consultancy specialising in new energy technologies, and Ian Bright, bringing specialist knowledge on biomass energy in London.

Low Carbon Camden

The London Borough of Camden required a comprehensive study of their carbon footprint and a range of emissions reduction scenarios until 2050.

Saloria Architects

In recent years policies and regulation have recognised the need to enable greater walking, cycling and public transport for a more sustainable society and the well-being of people.

Save Energy in Stockwell

Individuals making cuts to their own emissions can have a massive collective impact, but many people need support and advice when taking the first step.

School Environment Days

It is not always parents teaching their children, sometimes children can teach the parents, taking home information they have learnt at school and spreading the knowledge to their family.


The international service company SERCO commissioned Carbon Descent to carry out an assessment of the sustainability of biofuel provided by three pre-selected suppliers.

Solar for London

Solar For London was a renewable energy initiative developed by Carbon Descent to simplify the installation of solar water heating systems in London's homes.

South Bank Decentralised Energy Feasibility Study

The South Bank Employers’ Group and London South Bank University were supported by the London Development Agency to assess the feasibility of installing Combined Heat & Power (CHP) across the SBEG area.

Southwark Biodiesel

We worked with the London Borough of Southwark from 2003 - 2005 to make biodiesel a reality for its fleet.

St Peter's School Walworth Travel Plan

Initiatives that can have a real impact on school travel include cycling trains, walking buses, walking chalking and route identification using geographical analysis of pupils' options.

Tfl Connected Cities

Carbon Descent assisted TfL in the management of their role in the project Connected Cities.

Travel Awareness Events

In spring 2008, Carbon Descent organised a series of Bike Doctor sessions around Camberwell in South London, on behalf of Southwark Council.

Urban Wind Study

With funding from EDF Carbon Descent undertook a study to research the feasibility of the use of wind power systems in an urban area such as the London Borough of Southwark.

Waltham Forest Carbon Footprint Study

It is now essential for local authorities to plan for a low carbon future. The London Borough of Waltham Forest asked us to calculate their current CO2 emissions generated by the council's activities.