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Saloria Architects

In recent years policies and regulation have recognised the need to enable greater walking, cycling and public transport for a more sustainable society and the well-being of people.

Saloria Architects commissioned Carbon Descent to carry out a transport assessment and travel plan in order to meet the planning requirements for a new development site. The transport assessment described the anticipated transport impact of the development through calculation of a travel footprint, identification of current travel patterns, projection of future demand and behaviour.

Building on the transport assessment, the travel plan suggested measures for the developer including increasing cycle parking and recommendations for working with residents and visitors to reduce car usage and the need to travel. The aim was to reduce the need for unnecessary travel, ensure that all modes of transport are effectively used for all journeys and to make sure that on site provision is sufficient for all journeys associated with the development.

Carbon Descent identified recommendations for cost effective carbon reduction strategies. A cost/benefit analysis was undertaken for all recommendations above.

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