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Our Clients

Quality and customer care policy

We are committed to providing a quality service to all clients and service users. We recognise that our clients and customers are the most important aspect of our business, and our policies are written with this focus in mind. We have a team of people who are responsible for the delivery of services, and we continually strive to improve this standard. Our post project review system is one of the mechanisms to ensure we have ongoing dialogue with our clients even after our work is complete.

We would always like to hear from you if you have feedback on any aspect of our organisation. You can email, call or we can arrange a face to face meeting with your project officer, team leader or the managing director.

Security is very important to us, we will keep all personal information private and confidential, and we never sell information to third parties, although we may contact customers from time to time.

If you do have a complaint about the staff or service, our Complaints Policy outlines how we will handle your issue. This is available in writing, or electronically, upon request.

Our past and present clients can be found be clicking the 'Our Clients' tab in the left navigation column.