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Goodrich School Solar Feasibility and Installation

Whilst the Goodrich Community Primary School pupils from East Dulwich were away on half-term, 24 brand new solar panels were installed on the south-facing roof of the main building. The project was a complete surprise for the 700 pupils who are able to see the solar panels from their playground.

The £20,000 project was funded by £10,700 from EDF Energy's Green Fund and £8,560 from the Government's Low Carbon Buildings Programme. Carbon Descent managed the project for the school, from the initial survey to completion.

Using solar power will supply over 2,000 kWh per annum to the school and save the emission of nearly one tonne of carbon dioxide each year. A display panel was installed to show how much electricity is produced and how much carbon dioxide is being saved. This will be linked to the school computers so the children can use the data in lessons to monitor the output of the solar panels. At the same time a newly formed school council will strengthen environmental projects including paper recycling, energy conservation and work on a recently rediscovered Victorian garden which will be restored in the school grounds.

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