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Greenwich Eco House

The London Borough of Greenwich Council initiated an ambitious project to redevelop a void council dwelling typical of the older, inefficient properties in the borough to achieve the optimum rating under the EcoHomes scheme. Once refurbished, the house will be exhibited to the public for a period of one year acting as an educational facility for schools, community groups and the public. Following previous work with the London Borough of Greenwich Council, Carbon Descent was approached to help establish the best possible environmental standards.

Greenwich Eco House

Prior to the start of refurbishment works Carbon Descent visited the site and carried out a detailed energy performance assessment of the dwelling which provided us with a baseline SAP rating and the carbon emission rate for the dwelling.

Each of the EcoHomes design categories were discussed with the London Borough of Greenwich Council (energy, transport, pollution, materials, water, land use, ecology, management, health and well-being) and specific improvement advice and solutions provided in order to maximise the final rating.

A renewable and low emission energy sources feasibility study was then carried out as required by EcoHomes. The results indicated that solar PV (photovoltaic) energy was the most suitable option and its installation managed by Carbon Descent.

Once the refurbishment of the dwelling has been completed, our consultants will undertake a full EcoHomes rating assessment and additionally issue an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), a legal requirement for all rented properties from October 2008.

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