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Islington Carbon Management Plan

The London Borough of Islington Council has a long history of energy and carbon management. In 2005 the council developed a Carbon Management Plan through the Carbon Trust's Local Authority Carbon Management Programme which established a CO2reduction target of 8.5% by 2010 against emissions from the base year 2003/4.

Following this the London Borough of Islington Council set up the Islington Climate Change Partnership (ICCP) with other organisations in the borough with the aim of reducing emissions by 15% by 2010 against 2005 levels. This commitment was formalised as part of Islington's Local Area Agreement (LAA) with the agreement of the Government Office for London.

In 2007 Carbon Descent was commissioned to update the 2005 Carbon Management Plan in line with the new baseline and the new target of 15%.

The baseline emissions for London Borough of Islington were calculated at 51,889 tonnes per annum. A 15% reduction therefore requires an emission saving of 7,783 tonnes CO2per annum by 2010 leaving annual CO2 emission of 44,106 tonnes CO2. We created lists of potential measures that could be applied to buildings in the four sectors with the highest emissions (schools, operational buildings, leisure centres and communally heated housing) and prioritised the measures which had the lowest cost per tonne of saved CO2emission. Following this an implementation plan was compiled providing a clear direction to 2010.

By achieving these targets, Islington will make significant steps towards minimising energy costs over time and making the borough a greener place to live and work, leading by example and demonstrating good practice to the wider community in this area.

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