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Camberwell Survey and Map

The Camberwell Shoppers' Survey was commissioned by Camberwell Neighbourhood Renewal and Southwark Council to find out about the habits and motivations of the shoppers of Camberwell Green in South London. Questionnaires were carried out with shopkeepers, local residents and hospital staff, as well as on-street surveys of shoppers and passers-by.

The aim of the survey was to provide information for the Camberwell Local Travel Plan Group, which Carbon Descent has been involved with from its inception. The Local Travel Plan Group includes representatives from local businesses who work together to encourage more sustainable travel options in the area. Understanding shoppers' habits and needs facilitates this aim.


A team of surveyors carried out interviews with people passing through the Camberwell Green shopping area, as well as local shopkeepers. A residents' questionnaire was distributed through a local area magazine, as well as being made available on line. In depth interviews were held with key local stakeholders. The final report included maps depicting the areas that shoppers came from, along with those areas that residents shop in apart from Camberwell. 


A much higher response rate than anticipated was achieved through including the residents' survey in a local magazine as well as allowing online responses.  As the survey was designed to be comparable to studies carried out in other locations, the results of the report provided the group with reliable information for making decisions relating to its work, as well as evidence to present to relevant authorities.


As part of the European funded Optimum2 project, Carbon Descent subsequently developed a local area map for Camberwell in South London, on behalf of Southwark Council. The aim of the map was to provide more information for local communities to encourage walking and increase awareness and use of local facilities.


A map detailing local attractions was produced and distributed through various local venues, as well as an interactive version that is available online. We held a launch event and led guided tours based on the map. The map was also included in Camberwell Renewal magazine and the council magazine, Southwark Life. Local hospitals and the Institute of Psychiatry are providing the map for employees, patients and staff. More businesses are offering to distribute the map in the future.


To use the interactive online version, please click here. Alternatively you can download a pdf version of the map.

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