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Climate change strategies

A climate change strategy models greenhouse gas reduction targets over set time frames, providing clear ways to achieve them. From your current carbon footprint we customise our established methodology and modelling software to fit your needs and plans. Our tailored strategy will include a cost/benefit analysis of all chosen reduction measures.

We use our VantagePoint modelling software to model how area wide carbon reduction targets can most effectively be achieved. As a starting point to this modelling, we have developed a process to translate the impact of national policy onto a local authority area based on the potential for each technology supported by policy. This process allows Local Authorities to assess whether a gap exists between their local target and the successful delivery of national policy. This scenario can then be enhanced to show the impact of different local interventions aimed at closing the gap.


VantagePoint - carbon scenario planning software

Case Studies

"Carbon Descent’s methodology is really comprehensive and identified for us the most economically viable set of actions which will meet our ambitious carbon targets."

Bob Fiddik, London Borough of Southwark