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It's finally here  - the new web version of BluePrint energy auditing software. 

The new version will work in a web browser such as Google Chrome Microsoft edge or Firefox. However you don’t need to have an Internet connection at all times. When you are out collecting data if you lose your connection BluePrint will store the data locally until such a time as you’re ready to upload the data you collected.

The data is stored in a single back and SQL Server database. That means you can now have more than one surveyor on site entering data in the same audit.

There’s also a new pricing reflecting the fact that BluePrint is now on the web. The cost per user is a straight £50 per month plus VAT. Or alternatively £500 per year plus VAT. With the monthly subscription you can dip out at any time. Payment is also now automated online with a PayPal option.

The new version reflects almost 2 years work to bring the local version to the web. BluePrint can be accessed at https://blueprint.carbondescent.org.uk/

join us for a webinar demonstrating the new version BluePrint on Tuesday 11th March at 11am GMT. You can register for the webinar here:


"Carbon Descent’s methodology is really comprehensive and identified for us the most economically viable set of actions which will meet our ambitious carbon targets."

Bob Fiddik, London Borough of Southwark