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The East Midlands Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (EM IEP)

 4 April 2011

The East Midlands Improvement and Efficiency Partnership has commissioned Carbon Descent to deliver carbon reduction analysis for the East Midlands using our VantagePoint software. As part of this commission Carbon Descent will develop regional and local authority level scenario planning that will inform the setting of realistic CO2 targets, identify opportunities for low carbon infrastructure and help councils, regional bodies and partner organisations to plan to reduce carbon emissions from the East Midlands in an efficient, systematic and collaborative manner.

The project will be delivered within 3-4 months and will include the development of 4 scenarios per upper tier authority and 4 scenarios at the regional level that will provide data on the impact of deploying regional large scale projects and evidence to inform strategic planning for the next to 10-15 years.

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"The audits and the final reports from Carbon Descent were spot on and have given businesses a real road map to follow if they want to reduce their energy consumption over the next year."

Ben Stephenson, South Bank Employers Group