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McDonald's, Superdrug and Barnardo's get energy audits

31 May 2011

The McDonald's, Superdrug and Barnardo's stores in Brixton have had full energy audits conducted by Carbon Descent.

This involved exploring trigeneration opportunities, looking at lighting systems and making recommendations for heating improvements. Carbon Descent is working with Lambeth Council to deliver energy audits to businesses in the Brixton area. The aim of the Brixton Low Carbon Zone Green Business Project is to involve every business within the Zone in carbon reduction to help realise the objective of a 20.12% carbon reduction by 2012.

Linton carrying out an energy audit in McDonald's

The Brixton Low Carbon Zone comprises 700 businesses, the vast majority of which are small independent retailers concentrated around the Brixton Market area. As part of the Concerto Project, Carbon Descent will deliver the large business strand of the Brixton LCZ Green Business Project. The aim of the project is to work with the largest businesses in the zone to help them reduce their CO2 emissions thus contributing towards the overarching target of a 20% carbon reduction by 2012.

The primary focus of the project is to achieve carbon reductions from energy related measures, with a light touch approach towards emissions related to waste, water and transport. Lambeth Council have identified 5 businesses in the Brixton area that will receive the energy audit. Carbon Descent will assist these businesses in reducing carbon emissions by: 

  • Conducting an audit of the premises
  • Providing a detailed action plan and report. This includes an analysis of emissions data
  • Obtain a year’s worth of historical energy data from the businesses and introduce the business to the on-line emissions tool encouraging them to use it on an ongoing basis
  • Conduct follow up support sessions with the business. The aim is to be able to demonstrate a reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Provide a report which will include an update on progress such as measures installed or improvements made, recommendations and an analysis of CO2 emissions
  • Initiate additional support for businesses such as through the Carbon Trust and other appropriate audits and advice.

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"The audits and the final reports from Carbon Descent were spot on and have given businesses a real road map to follow if they want to reduce their energy consumption over the next year."

Ben Stephenson, South Bank Employers Group