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Filming begins at Ethelred

26 November 2010

Filming has begun at the Ethelred Estate in Lambeth as part of the Ecostiler regeneration project.

The aim of the video, made by Chocolate Films, is to show the extent of the works conducted and to document the transformation of the tower blocks, in particular the impact the changes have had on the lives of residents who live there.

Ethelred Estate before the refurbishment

The Film will include a tour of a flat and an in-depth interview with the occupier charting the progress of the regeneration through the eyes of a resident, looking at problems and issues encountered and how they were overcome.

To help to engage with residents of other estates outside the Ecostiler community, the film is one of a range of materials being produced to enable residents in flats to share their experiences of how their life has been changed by the project. This will allow ideas and experiences to be exchanged without the need to physically visit another person’s home and will be uploaded to a website for others all over the world to view. The website will be used as a central hub for the dissemination of various virtual exchange materials.

The regeneration of the Ethelred estate includes fitting new kitchens and bathrooms, a new heating system with CHP with new radiators and heating controls, double glazing, a green roof and solar PV.

The film will be used as a learning tool for other social housing providers conducting similar projects such as large scale refurbishment while residents are in situ and working with emerging sustainable measures relatively new to social housing providers.

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