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Car club for ECHO Action group

29 October 2008

Just two days after an ECHO Action Car Club event on the Mawbey Brough Estate, Streetcar and Lambeth council have agreed to place three car club vehicles on the estate, to give local residents alternatives to using private cars.

Car clubs allow a pay-as-you-go driving experience with new, fuel efficient cars, and typically encourage more sustainable transport decisions as members can see how much driving really costs. The costs of owning a car, such as road tax, MOT, insurance, maintenance, are often forgotten. Car clubs include all of the costs in an hourly rate of around £5. A car club member that gives up their private car saves an average of 0.7 tonnes of COand £700 a year.

The major barrier to joining a car club for many people is availability. The three car club vehicles on the Mawbey Brough will enable people to take action necessary to substantially reduce their transport emissions.

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More information on ECHO Action is available here.

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"The audits and the final reports from Carbon Descent were spot on and have given businesses a real road map to follow if they want to reduce their energy consumption over the next year."

Ben Stephenson, South Bank Employers Group