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BluePrint has now been launched!

 5 January 2012

The launch of Carbon Descent's energy auditing software took place on the 13th of December. We were joined by prominent energy auditing companies and assessors for an introduction and demonstration of our BluePrint software at the Leathermarket building near London Bridge. 

The event kicked off with a presentation from Phil Jones, Director of Business Energy Solutions, with and introduction to the benefits of BluePrint, followed by a live demonstration of the software from Julie Allen, our Energy Software Manager.

There was also a presentation from Chris Dunham, Managing Director of Carbon Descent, on our training services and other available software products.

More about BluePrint

Carbon Descent's BluePrint software has been designed to automate and streamline the energy audit process with savings on the auditor's time on data collection, analysis and reporting, against a conventional paper based auditing approach.

Using the software on a tablet PC assists auditors when collecting on-site data including building fabric, energy usage and building services. The software can be configured to manage different types of audits, from the simpler mini-audit where quick wins are identified, to complete surveys analysing, in detail, the buildings services and equipment.

Using BluePrint, the paper recording stage is eliminated and the auditor can analyse the data, by using inbuilt calculation models either on-site or back at the office. A reporting facility enables the auditor to make recommendations and tailor these for the customer, resulting in a fully customised audit report.

Conventional energy audits are repetitive and time consuming. They consist of:

  • A walk round survey to collect building data on paper
  • Data entry and analysis in a spreadsheet
  • Typing up a advisory report in a word processing package

 The tool will allow you to:

  • Register organisations and sites for survey
  • Set up projects encompassing a number of audits
  • Schedule surveys, defining the type of audit and data profiles to be included
  • Set up the layout of the site, floor areas and annual hours in use
  • Input pre-survey data prior to visiting the site
  • Collect and record data on-site using a suitable tablet PC
  • Collect any missing data once back in the office
  • Determine the appropriate measures and enter parameters for these measures
  • Calculate the energy savings, costs and additional outputs determined by the client
  • Merge results from the analysis into preformatted reports.

Main features are:

  • User configurable: Variety of assessment types with different data profiles, calculation processes and recommended measures
  • Versatile: Flexible user interface and customisable report templates
  • Up to date reference data: Emissions factors and costs of measures regularly updated
  • Benchmarking functionality: Showing current performance against typical benchmarks for similar building type.

 Benefits include:

  • Time saving: This is achieved through onsite data gathering with tablet PC, robust recommendation calculators, automated report generation and inbuilt benchmarking features
  • Consistency: The tool brings a consistent methodology from audit to audit as well as across a team of energy auditors
  • Accuracy: The tool produces accurate results through the use of an in-depth calculation method and up to date reference data
  • Convenience: Paperless auditing takes the hassle out of managing maps and notepads. The data is collected ready for processing on the spot. 

Additional features planned:

  • Water and waste profiles for performing environmental audits
  • A range of different preformatted management information reports for single or multiple projects with a comprehensive overview of savings
  • Results and recommendations formatted for the production of Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports.

For general enquires about BluePrint email software@carbondescent.org.uk 

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"The audits and the final reports from Carbon Descent were spot on and have given businesses a real road map to follow if they want to reduce their energy consumption over the next year."

Ben Stephenson, South Bank Employers Group