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Access to Energy for Vietnamese community

31 December 2009

The successful outreach project ‘Access to Energy', which has been providing domestic energy efficiency advice to 7 non-English speaking communities for over 3 years, is now also available in Vietnamese.

Two Vietnamese women who received training in basic energy advice during one of our workshops in 2006, set up a network within their community to help their fellow countrymen reduce their energy bills. The women's ability to speak both English and Vietnamese enabled them to pass energy related information and advice, which in the UK is so far predominantly only available in English, on to the non-English speaking Vietnamese society.

Following their training and with ongoing support by Carbon Descent  they themselves held a workshop for 15 Vietnamese people. They are also planning to run an energy saving advice line in Vietnamese and visit people at home in the future.

Their latest and most ambitious project is the launch of a comprehensive energy saving website in both Vietnamese and English which is giving easy energy advice to people at home. Once it will be 100%/ completed, the website will be promoted in London's Vietnamese communities and  advertised on BBC's Vietnamese news page.

To visit the Vietnamese pilot website, please follow this link: http://www.tietkiemnhiet.co.uk/

More information about Access to Energy is available at:
Carbon Descent

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"The audits and the final reports from Carbon Descent were spot on and have given businesses a real road map to follow if they want to reduce their energy consumption over the next year."

Ben Stephenson, South Bank Employers Group